Astrocartography readings by the world's leading astrocartographer, Robert Couteau


Unlike many other astrocartography readings and consultations, when you contact me and arrange for a reading I will analyze the entire world map, not just a limited number of areas. Relocation is one of the few experiences in life that allow us to undergo a deep and rapid change in just a brief period of time - either for better or for worse. By utilizing astrocartography tools, we can help to make that change become one of the most positive experiences in your life.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced practitioner of astrology, I will speak to you in plain English as we explore your various global possibilities.

I do not believe in any form of imprisoning predetermination. Instead, we can use astrology as a means of thinking outside the box and of realigning our will with that of our own inherent inner pattern. By penetrating into the meaning of these ancients symbols we can gain a deeper insight into who we are and where we are meant to be.

Please feel free to email me with any questions you may have. I can also arrange for a brief talk on the phone before you decide to order a reading.

My consultations last for at least one hour. And besides location, we can also explore other factors that may be holding you back; as well as exploring hidden, previously unseen potentialities. Everything discussed is held in strictest confidentiality.

For many years my work has been widely acknowledged in the world of professional astrology, and my discoveries in astrocartography has completely revolutionized the approach that most astrologers use today. Reviews of my ground-breaking book, The Role of the Least-Aspected Planet in Astrocartography, have appeared in various professional journals around the world, including the Mountain Astrologer, the leading American journal of astrology. I am also included in Wikipedia's select list of American Astrologers of the 20th Century as well as American Astrologers of the 21st Century (and I encourage you to read my entry there, which outlines some of the key components to my approach).

My best wishes in finding your place in the world, and feel free to contact me to discuss your astrocartography reading.

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